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Your Trusted

Real Estate Services Partner

in Mauritius

Our unique skills, combining financial and real estate
expertise, coupled with our strong Mauritian network
make HORIZON Property Partners (HPP) your
preferred Real Estate Services Partner in Mauritius.


We advise local land & property portfolio owners but
also guide local and international investors looking to
invest in real estate in Mauritius. We are also your
trusted representative in large and complex real estate

Services Anchor

HORIZON Property Partners (HPP) 
your Real Estate Services Partner


Services to Land & Property

Portfolio Owners (Supply)

  • Owners with large land banks

  • Local corporations with significant
    real estate portfolios

  • Companies developing / owning / operating self-catering accommodation / rental pools


Services to Investors


  • Corporate International
    Real Estate Investors

  • Local Institutional Investors

HORIZON Property Partners (HPP) 

Real Estate & Transaction Services

Advisory Services

  • Long term partner in optimising the land bank / property portfolio of local owners (supply)

  • Advise local & foreign investors to invest in Real Estate in Mauritius (demand)

Transaction Services

  • Act as advisor and / or representative to Owner / Investor in large & complex transactions

  • Contract drafting & editing services on large Real Estate & Property transactions

A unique Real Estate "Team of Experts"

Harold Mayer - Horizon Property Partners

Harold Mayer

Managing Director

Gregory Mayer - Horizon Property Partners

Gregory Mayer

Finance Consultant

Sebastien Bax de Keating - Horizon Prope

Sebastien Bax de Keating

Project Developments Consultant

Pierre-Yves Maria - Horizon Property Par

Pierre-Yves Maria

Marketing Consultant

Landowners Who Trust Us

Les Palétuviers photo.jpg

Developing with Société Rouillard Frères 
a Sustainable Integrated Living Estate 
in the North of Mauritius

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